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Cameras, Cameras

So, aside from all the camera brands (Sony, Nikon, Cannon, Fuji, etc), and all the different KINDS of cameras within those brands (mirrorless, film, DSLR, point-and-shoot, even phones), one point that's always up for discussion is when do you upgrade? Or do you need to upgrade?

Today in our 10 Minutes with Manzanita Live on Instagram, we talked about all of this but the main focus I tried to drive home was how to know when you should get something new. And the answer is almost always: once you know why you're ready. I shot with my little Nikon D3300 for two years before finally upgrading to a full-frame DSLR and I knew every inch of that little machine. I knew how to use light, how to manage my settings, how to focus, how to create better depth, etc. and I knew when I needed to make the switch to the Nikon D850. And then again when I needed a second camera body and lens.

So before you run to the store to snag the latest model of whatever you shoot, consider your work. Is it succinct? Is it intentional? Is it repeatable? Is it art?

I'm not of the camp that claims equipment doesn't matter: that its' only the artist who creates the masterpiece. An artist is only as good as her equipment and there is a limit to what you can do if you are still just using your phone, for example. So become an artist first. And then invest in your work by finding equipment that will let you express it.

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