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No sun, no sun . . .

"Should we cancel?"

Have you ever had a client ask that before? It's a valid question. When the clouds pile in dark and foreboding, it can make anyone a little nervous. But let me tell you a little secret: inclement weather makes for the most interesting photos. Here are a few reasons NOT to cancel that session just because of a little rain:

1. You are not hindered by "golden hour" location. You can literally shoot in any direction at any time of day if you have full cloud coverage.

2. Sunbursts through dark clouds are AMAZING. You never know what might happen with sun, so don't cancel. You may just get a peek of light.

3. Your tones, colors, and shadows will be fuller, richer, deeper. I promise. I actually prefer cloudy days to sunny ones for sessions (although I LOVE the sun) because my edits come out nearly flawless.

4. Shooting in all kinds of weather makes you a more able photographer. Don't be "stuck" with just sunset sessions. Open your arsenal of tools and learn to shoot in the dark and the light, the dry and the wet, the snowy and rainy. You could even create a name for yourself shooting in weather other photographers won't venture into.

So pick up that camera, throw on a coat, and get outside. No sun? No problem.

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