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Ten Minutes with Manzanita (photography tips, tricks, and observations)

Hello friends:

Today I'm launching my first blog/video presentation with 10 Minutes with Manzanita! This is a raw, monthly email sharing ideas, tricks, tips, and general photography observations. The filming will not be fancy, it'll probably be me in my PJ's most of the time. But I want to stay in contact with clients and photographers and keep you in the know with Manzanita.

Just below the video, I'm going to share a series of images I took in 2020 and a quick explanation of what made them "call" to me. Enjoy!

Water. Photography. Oregon.

I crave movement when I shoot. Hair. Cloth. Water. There is something about wild shifting that gives me chills.

I loved the shadow on my subjects and their glowing frame here. I find light is most interesting when contrasted.

I think next to shadow and light, negative space is my favorite aspect of photography. It is one of my favorite ways to create an image and I use it whenever I can.

Nothing captures authentic home like HOME. Indoor light can be stunning when you find that window.

Oregon. Photography. Klamath Falls.

Landscape cannot be overstated. Coupled with wardrobe, the right scene can take a photo from nice to spectacular.

There is nothing more real than touch in a family. Big kisses, arms, skin, all of it create a sense of true interaction when creating a family session worth remembering.

One thing I'm working on is creating a sense of scale--showing the dynamic between massive natural landmarks and my subjects. Thank you for the easy grab, Alaska!

Sometimes family photos feel "stuck." Everyone smiling, motionless, frozen. I love moving past that and asking clients to do things with their hands or bodies. It's especially fun when they interact with their natural surroundings.

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