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How to Sell Yourself

Psych! I actually don't agree with "selling" yourself as a business person just to make business. HOWEVER, I do believe that creating an atmosphere that draws people to you is key to making your business grow. I'll list a few things below that we talked about on Instagram LIVE. Let's get to it:

1. Tell the truth.

No one is going to want to listen to a phony-face. I mean it. Affected voice, affected demeanor, affected wardrobe and background, all of it is so off-putting. Be yourself, think about the type of person you would want to be with, and try to tell the truth about yourself. I don't think you have to open up all your darkest secrets to Instagram, but you shouldn't lie. People can tell when you are not being authentic and it will hurt your business in the long run.

2. Be who you are.

Are you quiet? Introverted? Gentle? Then let those colors shine, my friend. Are you nutty? Gregarious? Engaging? Then charge forth! There is a niche for every personality type, so don't worry if you aren't the "other." Be your own person and people will find you fascinating.

3.Price your work so that you create the atmosphere that will grow your business. If you are charging $100 for a full family session and you KNOW you're worth more than that, you need to get that price up, my friend. Your deposits need to be high enough, too, that people show up for their sessions. If YOU value yourself, your clients will, too. This isn't mercenary, it's being a business owner. Just because your business is artistic doesn't mean you need to give away your gift--place value with your price and the people who want that kind of value will find you.

So what about you? How have you created an atmosphere for your business?

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