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Nearly every workday, I "Go Live" on Instagram and share some little bits of photography information I've foraged through years of error. I figure, if there's another girl out there who wishes she knew a little more to make her a little better, I want to be helpful. So here we are.

Today's Instagram Live was about how to select location. There were only two tips today

and one bonus thought, but sometimes simple is best. So here goes:

1. Space.

You need space for your families to move, they need space to interact, and your images need space so they can breathe. So find a place that allows for emptiness and then fill it with your beautiful subjects. Cramming too much into your images can be really distracting. So skip the barn, the tractor, the cute door, even all the trees and shrubs and try for some clean horizons.

2. Light.

A good light source is the only way to create magic. Our cameras depend on it to produce anything. This doesn't mean it has to be sunbursts all day long, but hunting for a spot that feeds the light and doesn't hide it is key to getting some magic in your shots.


Height. Find a precipice or outcropping to create a sense of scale and dimension. This doesn't always pan out, as I well know, but if possible, find a spot that gives some height.

What about you? Any tips you want to share about location? I'd love to hear them.

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